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Say No To Template Websites

Say No To Template Websites

Today's article comes from my "what in the heck were they thinking file". Being a passionate champion for small businesses, it makes me furious when I see large companies offering website design services with the inferred idea that it will generate tons of traffic. Here is an example what I mean.   I recently met with a potentially new client about doing some search engine optimization (SEO) on their local Tucson business website. They had paid a ...

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Don’t Accept My Facebook Friend Request!!!

Don't Accept My Facebook Friend Request!!!

Whatever you do, don't accept my friend request!  Now I'm sure you probably paused in your tracks reading that saying, "Why would you send a friend request if you didn't want me to accept it?"  Well the reason is it probably didn't come from me. Within the last month I've accepted friend requests from several people that I thought were already in my friends list. I assumed that they had deactivated their account for some reason ...

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To Update or Not To Update WordPress – Ninja Marketing Tips

To Update or Not To Update Wordpress - Ninja Marketing Tips

To update Wordpress or not to update Wordpress, that is the question. Okay, so Shakespeare wasn't a blogger. But if he was, he would had to deal with the question of updating Wordpress too. Wordpress, like other software programs, is continually changing. Some updates are to fix bugs or security leaks. Others are enhancements that users have requested. But unlike Windows updates, Wordpress updates don't automatically happen and you're not prompted by a pop-up window. The ...

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Link Popularity Isn’t So Popular Anymore

Link Popularity Isn't So Popular Anymore

If you've been in business more than a few months and have a website, you've more than likely gotten several calls or emails promising to get you #1 in Google.  And some of you may have even paid one of these "SEO geniuses" to do that for you.  If you did, you should read on. For several years, the preferred tactic of SEO companies was to create an inbound linking strategy (inbound likes refers to links ...

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Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend – IGoogle

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend - IGoogle

All good things must come to an end and so, my old friend, IGoogle is going away. If you haven't used IGoogle - well you missed a great tool but don't start now. November 1st it will be no more. IGoogle is Google's customized home page, ala My Yahoo, etc. What I liked about it was the fact that I could aggregate all my "stuff" in one home page. I could check my Gmail, Google calendar, ...

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Get Your Black Belt in Online Marketing

Ninja Marketing Dojo gives you the tools to build an online marketing presence that stands out above the competition, drives more traffic and converts more browsers into buyers.

Join The Dojo

When you join the Ninja Marketing Dojo, you will have access to the weekly Dojo class, whether live or online via streaming video or webinar. You also have access to the entire resource library with hours of videos, past webinars and articles.

What is Ninja Marketing?

Over the last few years, I’ve heard business owners express their frustration trying to figure out social media and online marketing. There are groups that do a good job teaching social media while creating networking opportunities centered around their program. But online marketing is more than just social media. It’s more than just having a web site too.

Upcoming Class Schedules

29 Minutes To Higher Online Visibility Series

During May, the Ninja Marketing Dojo will focus it's attention on implementing the 29 Minutes a Day to Higher Online Visibility program. Each week we will walk, step-by-step, through every thing needed to take your visibility to a higher level.

You can join a single class for $30 or become a dojo member for $97 and have access to all classes. Monthly membership is $75 and includes all live classes, past class archives and live streaming classes, as well as free admission to future seminars and workshops.

Below is a schedule of what we will cover in each class:

  • May 2 - Setting Up The 29 Minute basics
  • May 9 - The Tools Need for the 29 Minutes System
  • May 16 - Sharing the Content of the 29 Minute System
  • May 23 - Putting the 29 Minute System into Practice
  • And much more.

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