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These free marketing webinars were designed to help businesses survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Hashtags are no longer just for Instagram. Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube have hashtags. This webinar talks about how to use hashtags and some hashtag ideas for small businesses.


2020 has required businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. The old ways of generating leads and growing our client/customer base are no longer as effective as they once were. This webinar will give you some ideas on how to shift your marketing to match our current climate.

LinkedIn has introduced some new features for Company Pages including events. This webinar is covers some of those features as well as Showcase Pages and LinkedIn Live.


Several changes have been made recently to Google My Business (GMB). This webinar recaps several of them.

Sales Funnels are a hot topic today. But what is a sales funnel and how do you use it?

This webinar will give you several tips needed to help you create videos for your business.

This webinar will show you the steps needed to get your site into the voice search sites, like Alexa.

IGTV gives you another option for longer form video on Instagram.  This webinar talks about IGTV and how to use it.

Choosing the right social media platform for your business is crucial to your digital marketing success. Today’s webinar will help you identify the social media platforms that best fit your business.

Creating the right Facebook content for local businesses helps you grow relationships organically. This webinar will give you some tips on how to create effective content.

Is your YouTube channel and video optimized to get the impact for your effort? I’m going live in an hour to give you some tips to improve your YouTube channel.

This webinar introduces 2 cool new tools, Facebook Chat Plugin for WordPress and InShot video software which lets you create videos for Instagram.

Growing your local business in this ever changing landscape is a challenge at best. This webinar will give you 5 tips you can use to increase your local presence.

Google loves new content and one of the best sources is a blog.  This webinar gives you several tips on how to create powerful headlines and content for your website.

Having a strong LinkedIn Profile greatly increases your visibility with prospects and potential clients. Find out how to improve your profile in this short webinar.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest networking event. In this FREE webinar, I will be teaching you some strategies to generate leads and convert them into profits.

Email marketing is the one thing that you control. This webinar will teach you strategies to effectively and efficiently manage your email marketing.

This webinar covered content strategies to increase your engagement on InstaGram.

Lisa and Gary share some marketing strategies for this COVID-19 environment. 

With all the social distancing, working from home has become the new norm.  Lisa and Gary have some strategies to help you be more productive while at home.

Lisa and Gary answer questions about marketing your business today. 

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With all the social distancing, working from home has become the new norm.  Lisa and Gary have some strategies to help you be more productive while at home.

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