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You Don’t Need a Website – Just Facebook, NOT!!! - I recently read an article online (so you know it had to be true) that said, “You don’t need a website, only Facebook and LinkedIn.”  The article went on to say with all the changes to SEO and the cost of creating a website, why not put all your marketing eggs in the Facebook and […]
keep-calm-and-just-say-no Say No To Template Websites - Today’s article comes from my “what in the heck were they thinking file”. Being a passionate champion for small businesses, it makes me furious when I see large companies offering website design services with the inferred idea that it will generate tons of traffic. Here is an example what I mean.   I recently met […]
Gmail Now Allows Email From G+ – Ninja Marketing Tips - Gmail has made a change that can have some impact on you.  This week, Gmail announced their latest update will allow emails can now be send to anyone in G+ without having their email address.  The sender will not be able to see what email they are sending to.  Their email will go into the […]
To Update WordPress or Not To Update Wordpress To Update or Not To Update WordPress – Ninja Marketing Tips - To update WordPress or not to update WordPress, that is the question. Okay, so Shakespeare wasn’t a blogger. But if he was, he would had to deal with the question of updating WordPress too. WordPress, like other software programs, is continually changing. Some updates are to fix bugs or security leaks. Others are enhancements that […]
Link-popularity Link Popularity Isn’t So Popular Anymore - If you’ve been in business more than a few months and have a website, you’ve more than likely gotten several calls or emails promising to get you #1 in Google.  And some of you may have even paid one of these “SEO geniuses” to do that for you.  If you did, you should read on. […]
Goodbye Igoogle. Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend – IGoogle - All good things must come to an end and so, my old friend, IGoogle is going away. If you haven’t used IGoogle – well you missed a great tool but don’t start now. November 1st it will be no more. IGoogle is Google’s customized home page, ala My Yahoo, etc. What I liked about it […]
Facebook Likes You Like Me, You Really Like Me – Facebook Likes - You Like Me, You Really Like Me. Now for those of you Jim Carey fans correcting me that the quote is “You Love Me…”, the original quote was by Sally Fields at the 1985 Academy Awards. And the sentiment has made a comeback today in social media. How many times (a day) do you see […]
Setting Up POP3 Emails in Gmail - If you use it, Google’s got it.  Need to create a powerpoint presentation, spreadsheet or word document, Google Drive will do it.  Need to keep your appointments organized, Google Calendar’s the program.  Managing your email on the go, think Gmail. Everyone is aware of Gmail as a free email program, but did you know you […]
Gmail Changes – Good or Bad - Gmail users are up in arms.  Oh my goodness, they’ve changed the Gmail layout!   Why would they do that?!?  What will they change next, personalizing my search?  (Oh, yeah, they’ve already done that.) Over the last week, Google has changed the layout of Gmail, adding tabs that organize your email into different folders.  You […]
Facebook Friend Request Don’t Accept My Facebook Friend Request!!! - Whatever you do, don’t accept my friend request!  Now I’m sure you probably paused in your tracks reading that saying, “Why would you send a friend request if you didn’t want me to accept it?”  Well the reason is it probably didn’t come from me. Within the last month I’ve accepted friend requests from several […]

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