Business Owners –

Are you confused with all the emphasis being placed on social media?

Are frustrated trying to grasp how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + profitably?

Would you like your web site to rank higher in the search engines? What are you doing to change that?

Would you like to be getting the traffic more traffic to your website? What is your plan convert window shoppers into buyers?

Are there online marketing elements you know you need to do but can’t find the time?

Would you like to stand out above your competition and be considered the leader in your industry?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, then the Ninja Marketing Dojo is for you.

What is the Ninja Marketing ?

Ninja Marketing is about tailoring your online marketing presence to fit your business.  With so many different marketing platforms available, business owners often operate in the trial and error mode.  They try the latest social media site because they hear other businesses talking about it.  They start a blog because someone said they needed one.  They build a website because everyone needs a website.

While social media, blogs and websites are important, there is not one combination that works for every business.  Ninja Marketing starts with understanding your target audiences.  Once you know who your audience is, next is creating a plan that reaches your audience on their favorite channels.

Ninja Marketing provides a focus on using the right tools and social media platforms effectively and efficiently.  It offers a blueprint that keeps the business on track, without chasing the latest fad.

Ultimately, Ninja Marketing is about increasing traffic to your door, improving search engine rankings and converting browsers into buyers.

Ninja Marketing Dojo
Created by 800biz Ninja Marketing

With all the social distancing, working from home has become the new norm.  Lisa and Gary have some strategies to help you be more productive while at home.

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