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stressGmail has made a change that can have some impact on you.  This week, Gmail announced their latest update will allow emails can now be send to anyone in G+ without having their email address.  The sender will not be able to see what email they are sending to.  Their email will go into the Social folder in Gmail if one is setup.  Only when and if the recepient responds, will the sender be able to see the email address.  From then on, all emails will go into the Primary folder.

While this sounds like a good idea, I think differently.  Since very few people know about this, or utilize only are small percentage of the Gmail functions, the ones that will use it will be spammers and other unscrupulous marketers.  True, they may only be able to email you once, I can see my Social folder filling up with tons of spam.

The video above shows you how to adjust your Gmail setting so block emails from anyone in G+.

Gary Wagnon is the chief Ninja Marketing Officer for 800biz Ninja Marketing Solutions and the creator of the Ninja Marketing Dojo. The Dojo teaches business owners and marketers online strategies that increase traffic to their site, improve search engine rankings and converts browsers into buyers.


Setting Up POP3 Emails in Gmail

If you use it, Google’s got it.  Need to create a powerpoint presentation, spreadsheet or word document, Google Drive will do it.  Need to keep your appointments organized, Google Calendar’s the program.  Managing your email on the go, think Gmail.

Everyone is aware of Gmail as a free email program, but did you know you can manage all your email with Gmail?  For years, I’ve always advised clients to setup Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or some other email client program, so they can receive emails from their website (POP3 emails).  Sometimes it would setup easily, other times it was a nightmare.

Another problem with POP3 emails today is syncing with smart phones and tablets.  My own experience was hit and miss.  Some days I’d receive several emails from my website email, then go hours, even days without receiving a single email on my Android phone.  Very frustrating.

But now, there’s another option that’s much simpler.  Gmail.  Anyone with a Gmail account can add up to 3 additional email addresses to their account.  Now, when you check your Gmail, your regular emails will appear in the same stream.  And by syncing your Gmail account to your smart phone, all your emails are readily available.  No more needing an email that you downloaded to your desktop mail program while you’re out.

Another bonus from using Gmail for your email addresses is the Google Spam filter.  Server anti-spam programs are functional, but not real aggressive.  Google has one of the best spam filters around.  And the cool thing is, Google will even filter your POP3 emails.  No need to keep an anti-spam program up to date.  Just let Google do it.


Gmail Changes – Good or Bad

Gmail users are up in arms.  Oh my goodness, they’ve changed the Gmail layout!   Why would they do that?!?  What will they change next, personalizing my search?  (Oh, yeah, they’ve already done that.)

Over the last week, Google has changed the layout of Gmail, adding tabs that organize your email into different folders.  You can potentially have 5 tabs in your email – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums.  The outcry is over the fact that determines which folder the email goes into.  Users are stressed that they might miss an email because it went into a folder they didn’t check.

Gmail Change

I personally like the change.  I get tons of emails every day and found myself missing client emails lost in the flood of newsletters, offers, and other less important email.  Now, my primary folder gets a handful of emails each day and I can monitor it quickly.   One of the objections I’ve heard for the new layout is users might miss courses, etc. that come via email.  But it’s easy to drag any email that falls in the other folders to the primary folder.  All future emails from that address will go to the primary folder.

One of the loudest cries is from email marketers who are worried that as their emails get relegated to folders other than the primary will not get opened.  It’s going to make marketers get more creative with their subject lines so they stand out better.  If you’re a “glass half full” type of person, your email may have a better chance of getting read since readers may tend to open the other folders when they have time to review them instead of during the hectic time when they only have time to tend to critical issues.

If you’re one of those that just hates the change, you can go back to the old version.  From your Gmail settings, go to Configure Inbox and uncheck all the boxes.  That will revert your layout to the old version. That way you won’t have to seek counseling.

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