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The Ninja Marketing Dojo is a hand-on approach to online marketing. Unlike other programs that focus solely on Social Media, the Dojo was created to focus on a complete online marketing program. While social media is an important component, it’s not the only component. You need a foundation to drive traffic to. That could be a web site or a blog, but it needs to have proper content and a call to action.

Each week we will explore different elements of online marketing, from web sites to blogs, from social media to email marketing. Knowing that once the class is over, despite their best intentions, many students will not implement the techniques covered. So students will bring their laptops and do the activities right there.

A portion of the program has been designed to get feedback on all aspects of the students marketing program. As the students develop a familiarity with each other, they will be able to evaluate web content, share viral content and even offer suggestions for articles and publications.

What is the Ninja Marketing Dojo?

Over the last few years, I’ve heard business owners express their frustration trying to figure out social media and online marketing. There are groups that do a good job teaching social media while creating networking opportunities centered around their program. But online marketing is more than just social media. It’s more than just having a web site too.

The Ninja Marketing Dojo has been created to help business owners master all elements of online marketing in a unique, self paced and stress-free atmosphere. Patterned after martial arts training, you begin as a white belt (novice) mastering the foundational elements needed for a successful and profitable online marketing campaign. Once you are have a basic mastery of the fundamentals, you advance through the ranks at your own pace. The sensei (instructors) are there to monitor and coach you every step of the way.

Like the other groups out there, the Ninja Marketing Dojo will also build a community within it’s members. Where the Dojo differs is in the dramatic effect it will have on your search engine ranking and the ability to drive more traffic to your door. The Dojo will also help you convert window browsers to buyers. And that’s just the beginning!

Ninja Marketing Dojo
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