Gary Wagnon is the master Sensei (instructor) of the Ninja Marketing Dojo. Combining his 35+ years of experience in business with his 12 years of online marketing, Gary has developed a course designed for the average business owner.

Over the past 10 years Gary has conducted seminars in social media and online marketing, as well as hands on classes to well over 600 people. His passion for teaching goes back to his many years as a martial arts instructor.

“My motivation to develop the Ninja Marketing Dojo grew from the every changing online marketing playing field. Search engine optimization today is quite different than just a few years ago. As such, designing an optimized website is only the first step. Once I design a website, it then requires off page components for a site to achieve higher search engine rankings. A business has a few choices: 1) Pay a SEO company $500 – $1500 per month, 2) Purchase paid advertisement in the search engines or 3) Put in hundreds of hours in researching to do it yourself.

As I evaluated how I could best serve my clients, I was faced with a challenge – to be one of those companies that charges hefty fees (which are well justified based on the time involved) or find an alternative for the small business that can’t afford it. The result was the Ninja Marketing Dojo.

I realized that even at $500 per month, I could only help a few companies based on the time involved and the cost factor (and a large portion of my existing clients could not afford it.) I also faced a moral dilema since I knew most of what needed to be done could be done by the business themselves. That’s when the idea for the Ninja Marketing Dojo came to me. What if I could develop a program to teach businesses what they needed to know, physically walk them through the process, be there as a resource and hold them accountable for the results? I could help hundreds (or thousands) of businesses rather than a select few. The result would be healthier small businesses who would keep money flowing in the community and returning full circle would help my business grow and proper.” – Gary Wagnon

Ninja Marketing Dojo
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With all the social distancing, working from home has become the new norm.  Lisa and Gary have some strategies to help you be more productive while at home.

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