Setting Up POP3 Emails in Gmail

If you use it, Google's got it.  Need to create a powerpoint presentation, spreadsheet or word document, Google Drive will do it.  Need to keep your appointments organized, Google Calendar's the program.  Managing your email on the go, think Gmail. Everyone is aware...

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Gmail Changes – Good or Bad

Gmail users are up in arms.  Oh my goodness, they've changed the Gmail layout!   Why would they do that?!?  What will they change next, personalizing my search?  (Oh, yeah, they've already done that.) Over the last week, Google has changed the layout of Gmail, adding...

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Don’t Accept My Facebook Friend Request!!!

Whatever you do, don't accept my friend request!  Now I'm sure you probably paused in your tracks reading that saying, "Why would you send a friend request if you didn't want me to accept it?"  Well the reason is it probably didn't come from me. Within the last month...

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My Glasses, I’m Helpless Without My Glasses

Any self respecting child of the 60's will remember Fearless Fly, the ordinary house fly that puts on his glasses and becomes a superhero. And in his mousy, non-superhero voice would say, "My glasses, my glasses, I'm helpss without my glasses." I felt like Fearless...

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Number 1 in Google – The Easy Button

To my knowledge, most SEO experts don't have a degree in quantum physics, aren't proficient in calculus or even have a degree from Hogwarts school of magic. But clients seem to think a search engine optimization company can work magic. (Though, based on the sales...

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Of Pandas and Penguins – SEO for 2013

Never have 2 cuddly animals struck fear in the hearts of online marketers as the Panda and Penguin, thanks to Google.   And for business search engine rankings and SEO, Panda 2.0 just reinforces that fear. In case you aren't familiar with Google search engine ranking...

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Author, Author – Taking Credit with Google Authorship

The crowd roars "Author, Author" in overwhelming response to a well written piece and the author humbly takes a bow, receiving the accolades. Despite the veil of anonymity online today, Google is crying "Author, Author". With so much content being generated and shared...

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Ninja Marketing Tip – Pick Your Pics Carefully

If it's on the internet, it's fair game, right?  WRONG!  How many of us have done a Google search for an image and used it on our website or blog?   Don't be shy, I see all those hands meekly going up. Technically, all content on the web is copyrighted to the original...

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The Effect of Negative Feedback on Facebook

Negative Feedback to a Facebook page can now affect the page's visibility. For several years, I've been preaching, to my Ninja Marketing Dojo classes, "Engagement" as the key to a successful page. Until recently though, there was no penalty for negative feedback....

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